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Settlement Communities Task Force Application

  1. Remnants of the area’s agricultural past still exist in plain view within and adjacent to Mount Pleasant. Known as “Settlement Communities,” about a dozen historic African American communities have sought to hold on to their history and character in the face of Mount Pleasant’s unprecedented growth. But now many worry that their continued existence may be in jeopardy. Throughout Mount Pleasant, development pressure has chipped away at their edges, undermining the communities’ historic character, integrity, and threatening their survival. This has long been recognized as a challenge, but no lasting solutions have been found. To this end, the Mount Pleasant Town Council has voted to establish a Settlement Communities Task Force to discuss issues affecting the various settlement areas within or adjacent to town boundaries. The Task Force will be formed with broad and appropriate representation from settlement communities in the Mount Pleasant area and relevant community groups. Once established, this group will determine various aspects of the initiative, including the scope of discussion, meeting schedule, public input opportunities, and similar considerations. It is expected that the group will meet over the period of approximately 12 months. Interested individuals are encouraged to apply for membership. Town Council will appoint the Settlement Communities Task Force, based upon the applications received.
  2. Do you live in a Settlement Community?
  3. Is there any way that you or a member of your family would stand to benefit financially by your service on this task force?
  4. Have you ever served on a board or commission for the Town of Mount Pleasant?
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